Tyrinad is the great trade city of the north. Surrounded by rivers that connect all over Baruee, the city flourishes as a great port and market. The three major Mechant guilds consist of:

The Elven traders guild- Consists of all creatures of some Elven Descent including Eladarin

The Trans-human Merchants- This guild consists of Dragonborn, Human, Halflings and Tieflings.

Dwarven Tradesmen- Consistent of all Dwarfs.

The cities government is ran by a council of one elected official from each guild and two members not associated with any guild. The outer area of the city consists of ports and lower-middle class housing and where most shipping takes place. The closer to the middle of the town the more Merchants you see. At Dead center of the city lays the Government Offices where the council meets and other bureaucratic actions take place.

Though the city does have laws and a guard, the main peace keepers of the peace are hired by the merchants.


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