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As of late, the northern areas of Bauee have been under attack from the undead. No one knows why they have ammassed in such numbers nor why they attack. Generals and armies have been spending months fending the undead off but with no avail. All they can hope to do is keep them back for as long as they can. Only rumors of the attacks have quite reached the southern ends of Baruee but little has been and many of the area are in disbelief of such a thing.

Current summary:

After almost rescuing a scout from a group of zombies, Roxy ,Wilhelm , and Kisara learn that a large horde of the undead is heading towards Mabase city in an attempt to what seems to flank the forces to the north. They then reported it to the the Mayor who ordered them to take the Message to General Torvik of the nearby forces in hopes he can route the undead to save the city.

Before they left however they Decided to stay the night at Roxy’s Inn. During the night Wilhelm tried to get rid of Roxy’s alcoholic beverages below the Inn. A fight breaks out and the liquor on the floor catches fire, burning down the entire Inn and leaving Kisara stuck with two fugitives.

On the way to General Torvik they encountered Ryneth and Faylen who, out of curiosity of the undead attacks to the north, decided to join them.

When they reached Torvik they informed him of the attack and he gave them Gaulder’s Axe and a permit for the rest of their Reward at Tyrinad.

Heading towards Tyrinad the group stopped at a small village nearby to have some rest. Little did they know the town was full of cannibals ready to munch on travelers innards. Faylen exposed the canabals and after fighting them back the group hightailed it away from the village.

Finally making it to Tyrinad the company soons discovers that the town hall had been raided for its weapons vault, thus depriving them of their much deserved reward. Investigating the area and asking the police revealed that the weapons may be somewhere within the cities underground, where the black market runs rampant. After some threatening a shady store clerk the group discovers an entrance to the sewers and the password to get in. Upon arrival though, they discover the password was false and they were attacked by the guards and only after they killed the guards could they gain entry.

Upon entry they met an illegal narcatoics salesman who had a tiny manticore in a bottle named Joel. Roxy took a liking of him and purchased him from the shop owner.

Main Page

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