The Half Elf drunkard that mixes her own drinks


Roxy the half-elf wizard, is not only an alcoholic but she creates her own special ale. she has dirty blonde hair, is normally disoriented from her alcohol and rarely is seen without a drink. she also claims to be friends with rats and can often be wearing rugged clothing


Owner of a prominent Inn in Mabase town, Roxy would spend her time making drinks for herself and the Dwarves of the area. This of course changed when after attempting to rescue a scout from a group of zombies and being asked to deliver the message to General Torvick to the north. but before she and her visiting cousin ,Windhelm, and their new companion Kisara could leave a fight broke out between she and her cousin over her drinking problem witch incidentally burned down the Inn and caused the group to become fugitives of the town.

She often will try to give out free samples of her ale in hopes that the patron will buy it. Though she is often inebriated she still manages to (most of the time) make her mark.

cousin to Wilhelm she often gets into fights with her cousin (typically about her alcoholism)


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