Elora Moonshade

The Night Elf ranger who ran away


Elora is assertive, alert, fierce, and suspicious, Night Elves but she is also has a sense of humor and nurturing. (she is alse a REALLY good cook)


Elora was raised in the largest, most populated Night Elf city – Felhan’ra. She was not born there – simply because the ruler of Felhan’ra, Galhrai Dawnbranch, made a very serious deal with Elora’s parents. Elora’s father was a very skilled, and educated businessman, but his family (let alone him) was very, very poor. Galhrai Dawnbreach promised his family a large amount of land and money for two very simple things. Elora’s mother must hand over Elora the second she is born, and 1/3 of the money income of their new business. Without thinking, Elora’s father immediately accepted. Once Elora was born, bodyguards of Galhrai arrived to take her. The father declined and said his choice was a mistake and he wanted to keep his daughter. The bodyguards had no tolerance for declination, and tried to forcefully take her with them. Unfortunately a fight broke out, killing Elora’s mother and father. Throughout her childhood, she was taught to be a successful businesswoman. But she was more about fighting, exploring, bug catching, fishing, and archery. Not being a proper business woman. at 16, she snuck away from Felhan’ra, and traveled around Baruee, hoping to find a new life and new beginnings.

Elora Moonshade

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